Kári Emil Helgason

Design, art direction, branding

Design, art direction, branding

Based in New York, I help companies communicate their identity, elevate their brand and express their ideas across print, web and software. Currently with Audible. These are my projects:

2015–2016: Audible

Development, evolution and maintenance of Audible’s branding and design systems. View project

2015: Mógil – Korriró

Album art for Mógil’s third effort, Korriró. View project

2015: RelSci Product Concept

RMaaS, Relationship Management as a Service, is a new concept from RelSci, a new way for executives to network and gain success. View project

2015: Aluminyze Website

New website and art direction of product and lifestyle photography for Aluminyze, a specialist in high-quality aluminum printing. View project

2013: GLG Website

Website for the world’s largest expert network and professional learning company. Navigating complexities, simply. View project

2012: GLG Printed Materials

Marketing collateral for a company whose purpose is to connect its clients with people who have obscure knowledge. The possibilities are endless. View project

2010: Kynungabók

A text book for gender studies, designed and art directed for the Icelandic Ministry of Education. View project