Kári Emil Helgason

Design, liberal arts

About me

My name is Kári Emil Helgason. I was born in Reykjavík, Iceland, some three decades ago but for the past decade I have lived in New York. I love New York, the people, the culture, the delis, the parks, the hawks, the subways. Even the smells.

I’m not only a graphic designer and art director, but an avid generalist. I want to know something about everything. In particular, I love linguistics and conlanging, art and art history, science fiction and fantasy, and I’m deeply interested in politics.

I love the open web, and my hope is to continue to build out this site with more of my…stuff. I think personal website are important—more people should have one—and we probably need to do less of the whole social media thing (even though it has its uses). If you’re inspired by my site, find out how I made it in the colophon.

Below are ways to get in touch with me, professionally or otherwise. I look forward to hearing from you!

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