Kári Emil Helgason



Trying this Out

I’m living in Manhattan’s East Village with my husband, Bradley Eberts. I work on brand design at Audible over in Newark, NJ.

Outside of work I’m working on several personal projects:

  • First of all, Since March of 2019 I’ve been focused on improving this website. First of all, I think personal websites are great and more people should have them. The whole point of the internet is sharing information and I think we as a society should be in more control of how we do so. So I think of this as my living room on the internet (as opposed to the Twitter clubhouse and the Facebook townsquare). Feel free to visit any time, but this is my space so things are set up the way I want them to.
  • I’m doing some writing.
  • Thirdly, I’m always tinkering with my conlangs. My focus right now is on Imutan. I want to get it into a publishable state, and who knows? Maybe this site will be the place it will get to live.

Last update: 3/10/2019

Inspired by Derek Siver’s /now concept.