Kári Emil Helgason



Year: 2015–2016

Throughout my year with Audible’s Brand Creative group as part of the Brand Platform team, I furthered the development and evolution of Audible's core brand assets.

I spearheaded a complete redesign of all onboarding and transactional emails. I researched and art directed the design of the brand’s new typeface, Audible Sans by Positype’s Neil Summerour, and oversaw its implementation across all creative teams. I designed an internal microsite for the Brand Creative team, for use in cross-functional messaging and employee onboarding.

I developed and designed a plethora of style guides: Brand photography guidelines, photo use guidelines, retouching guidelines, and email style guides, in addition to being instrumental in updating the official brand guidelines.

Furthermore, I designed a scheme for brand extensions and designed several new subbrands, including Audible Originals.

Sr. Designer: Kári Emil Helgason
Creative Director: Phil Bratter