Kári Emil Helgason

Dance like nobody’s watching

Writing by Kári Emil Helgason

Dance like nobody’s watching

Date: 3/9/2019

A mission statement

I’ve meant to make this for far too long, but somehow always felt overwhelmed by the task at hand. When I actually sat down to do it, building the basic bones of this blog took me less than an hour, from only existing components of the site.

As someone who enthusiastically embraced and took part in social media in its early years, I’ve become extremely disillusioned with it. As easy as it is to post things, over time each medium forces you to conform to a different expectation but somehow you stray further away from who you are.

The fact that this blog is absolutely under my control and I can make it do whatever I want is at once overwhelming and liberating, both why I’ve wanted to make this real for so long, and why I haven’t gotten around to it.

The challenge of blogging is the lack of immediate feedback. There are no likes, no comments. But honestly, my Twitter feed is the same. So I’m going to continue dancing like nobody’s watching, but instead of doing it over at the megacorporate chains of clubs, I’ll be doing it in my own living room. I do hope my custom-built RSS feed works and that some of you are willing to join me at my house party. But ultimately, I’m dancing on my own.